BREAKING: OYSROMA tests machine to fill potholes under 3 minutes

Hon. Busoye Ogunlade, Chairman of the Oyo State Road Maintenance Agency (OYSROMA), has put to the test a machine that is intended to fill potholes in less than 3 minutes in an effort to maintain zero potholes throughout the state. 

MOUTHPIECE NGR reports that the operation was conducted today on important roadways in the metropolis of Ibadan. 

Speaking with our correspondent, the Chairman, Hon. Ogunlade, stated that the velocity machine had been tested in order to effectively repair potholes on important roads. 

He noted that the machine will not only address the issue of potholes but will also save time and energy in the process. 

MOUTHPIECE NGR understands that the machine can repair more than 180 potholes per day and the repairs can be carried out all season due to the cold asphalt technology.

The machine which is environemtally friendly, also automatically stores problems that have been fixed for future reference and has no carbon footprint. 

Additionally, it produces no waste and it’s defects can be repaired on the onset before it turns to big Potholes saving government cost.

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