Police officers who work with ‘yahoo boys’ are severely punished – Police

The Nigeria Police Force has revealed that some police officers are conniving with internet fraudsters popularly addressed as yahoo boys.

The spokesperson of the police in the state, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, who made this revelation has confessed that those officers caught in this act were being severely punished.

The image maker of the police in the state revealed this to newsmen on its Twitter Spaces on Wednesday.

He said, “In every organisation, you would have those officers that would always undermine the efforts of the organisation. I’ve heard about officers working in cahoot with internet fraudsters. These officers are treated worse than the internet fraudsters.

“If a law enforcement officer engages in a crime, he receives more punishment than an ordinary citizen because he is expected to know more.”

“All the time when we get to know about such officers, they are severely dealt with,” he said.

He also encouraged the people to feed the police force with needed information when they suspect any criminality.

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