OPINION: Lagos schools resumption, a wake up call for Federal Government

Last two weeks, I put up a writeup about reopening of schools and when we are most likely to resume. The article got diverse perspectives from the supposed target audience– students, it drawn different submissions that are against my embedded opinion.

I said all tertiary institutions would resume in September, 2020 but I was not specified about the resumption date. Many thought I was wrong and submitted that we can’t resume until 2021.

I knew long ago that we are likely to resume in September. I can now tell you the date.

You wanna know? Okay.

Yesterday, Lagos state which unarguably an epicenter for Covid-19 cases issued statement of order to reopen tertiary institutions in the state by September 14. The order met with mild drum from all stakeholders thinking the resumption is finally here.

Even though the order wouldn’t effect Federal institution but we are hopeful and looking forward to Presidential Task Force briefing tomorrow.

We hope that Federal Government follow suit as showcased by the Sanwo-Olu led administration and reel out dates of resumption.

Although some of students have engaged in so many things hence productively raking fat figures in their bank account but the fact still remains: WE WANT TO RESUME.

Tomorrow, all eventualities about school reopening would be unfolded at Presidential Task Force Briefing.

Stay glued!

Ahmed ‘Tunji Adebowale

Co-Publiher @MouthpieceNGR


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