Makinde never wanted Adigun Ibadan as special assistant

Governor Seyi Makinde has made several appointments ever since he mounted the saddle as Oyo 5th Democratic Governor. But none of those appointments revealed the warp and woof of the power play in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the state.

When the Governor announced the appointment of Mr Adigun Ibadan in February, the minds of perceptive Oyo citizens went to the cold relationship between party leaders and the Governor. It all seemed the Governor had wished to adjust and ensure members of his party also have taste of his government.

Many of the party leaders lost their comradeship shortly after Makinde rose to power. Likewise some members of coalition parties. It all started barely one week after the handing over of baton between the defeated All Progressive Congress and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) outgoing and the incoming Governor.

The loyal and committed members of the party who think they will be honored with appointments apparently lost out in the race while new faces suddenly became the new brides in secretariat. The political godfather of the Coalition parties in the alliance that produced the Governor have no or little say in Makinde’s government.

The thought had been House of Assembly aspirants who stepped down too, on the day of governorship Election would be considered for slots but to our chagrin— they are in isolation even before the arrival of Coronavirus.

The arms of karma are inescapable. More like a retribution for his shadiness. Adigun ibadan is today the victim, who knows who is next ?

He, who tricks his fellow man by selling sand as merchandise, must be ready to receive stones for money, goes a Yoruba proverb. “You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

While some people are happy that the poor boy was sacked, I’m happy some people are now summoning courage to speak truth to power even as they seek appointments in Makinde’s government. The beauty of democracy!

Governor Makinde is the authority, he appointed him; no one can question such authority, but then, our Governor may have got it wrong here. This, Mr constituted authority will never do.

Ajimobi Former SA on youths, Mr Afeez Repete went through hell during LAUTECH saga. In fact, to an extent that he was threatened and about to be sanctioned on what he had no idea about. But Ajimobi temper mercy with justice. Today, it’s same Repete that left his position for his boss to be appointed as APC South deputy national chairman. Mr Afeez rewarded loyalty with love. Adigun Ibadan may be something better tomorrow.

The action taken by the governor will certainly kill the spirit of his party members. Everyone will continue to feel insecure. The decision was not a strange thing entirely in government parlance, however the alacrity to punish Adigun Ibadan will send the wrong message whether he was truly wanted in the first place.

Adigun’s loyalty to the Governor has been taken as sin. His only offense was because he erroneously made little blunder on Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to hurriedly promote his pay master. He was extremely excited and over joyous without even taking his time to verify the information. He was rewarded with official white paper stating termination of his appointment as SA on digital media.

To imagine that Adigun was quickly sacrificed made me felt cold been one of those that travelled long distance to felicitate with him on the day he received letter of appointment at SSG office.

I’m not happy and I can see the reactions of many people too on social media. Punishment and sanctions when they are destructive will not achieve the correction it were meant to serve. Adigun have dependents and this should form the larger focus as someone said.

If sacking him is because of his blunder and apology, Then our Governor need to realize that he also made several errors and even apologized to the public recently. To err is human!

It would be great if our loving governor can reverse his decision and show meekness expected of his exalted office.

While some of us will keep asking ourselves if the Governor took the decision because of the poor relationship now between him and Adigun’s boss, Mr Olopoeyan, it’s still an open truth that such decision is suspected to be politically motivated.

Probably, because of this rumor that Senator Teslim Folarin went to olopoenia’s house on March 13th in which they had a broad discussion.

2023 is around the corner. Who’s the next victim ?

Oyedeji Ahmed—
Publisher, Mouthpiece NGR

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