Covid-19: Start raiding all olosho hubs now— ABS tells Osun Govt

Aide to Rep Member Bamidele Salam and staunch Adeleke Supporter, Mr Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS has asked Osun government to ban night girls business in Osogbo for now and out all their zones in the town on 24/7 surveillance.

In a statement obtained by Mouthpiece NGR on Thursday, Mr Sherif said “It is worth noting that most suggestions we are pushing from all of us on platforms on the Covid-19 war are being adopted by the Osun State government thus far except one which is their continuous opening of Justrite mall. That very refusal, we hope it will not end with had I known on government’s part. Kudos to their team for not so assuming too know height.

“On the hotel guest in Oshogbo who recently returned from abroad, who was trapped yesterday and now being quarantined, the government have a duty to act further beyond isolating the hotel staff.”

“It is on record that the suspected sick returnee patronized different night girls throughout his 7 days lodging before he fell sick. These night girls customers are now at large and they pose serious pandemic risk to Oshogbo and Osun if they continue to mingle with the public. As a result, I am suggesting the painful but necessary recommendation that government needs to ban night girls business in Oshogbo for now and put all their zones in the town on 24/7 surveillance.”

“This is because the night girls at large may not present themselves and could be hard to fully trace. Government must act without delay to reduce the impact of Covid-19.”

“Again, because the sick hotel guest could not have imported a car with him from abroad immediately, there was tendency that these night girls had employed the services of okada riders to meet their  lover boy who is now quarantined. To this end, government may need to collaborate with okada riders association so as to have their members undergo compulsory simple medical checks for temperature and other symptoms of Covid-19.”

“For now, the best will be to monitor the hotel with a view to ensuring that the place is safe for other users.

“May God deliver Osun State…”

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