Promoting Unity and Collaboration: Oyo Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Hon Wasilat Adegoke, Hosts Ramadan Iftar to Unite Youth Stakeholders Across State

Oyo Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Hon Wasilat Adegoke Hosts Youth Stakeholders Across the State with Ramadan Iftar. The Oyo Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Hon Wasilat Adegoke, hosted a gathering of youth stakeholders from across the state to celebrate Ramadan with an Iftar dinner. The event was a remarkable occasion that brought together young leaders, influencers, and representatives from various youth organizations to foster unity, dialogue, and collaboration.

The Ramadan Iftar dinner, organized by the Commissioner, provided a platform for young individuals to engage in meaningful conversations, share ideas, and explore opportunities for the development and empowerment of the youth in Oyo State. It also served as an occasion to strengthen the bond between the government and the youth community.

The event was held in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where participants had the opportunity to break their fast together and partake in the traditional Iftar meal. The Commissioner emphasized the importance of unity and understanding among young people, highlighting that the strength of the youth lies in their collective efforts and shared aspirations.

During the gathering, Hon Wasilat Adegoke expressed her commitment to youth development and empowerment. She highlighted the various initiatives and programs that the government has implemented to support the youth in areas such as education, skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, and sports. The Commissioner also listened attentively to the concerns and suggestions raised by the youth stakeholders, assuring them that their voices would be heard and their ideas considered in the formulation of policies and programs.

The Ramadan Iftar dinner provided an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration among the youth stakeholders. Participants had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange contact information, and discuss potential collaborations and projects that could benefit the youth community in OYO State.

Special Assistant to Governor on Islamic affairs, Alhaji Abdulrasheed who delivered lecture on unity and oneness among the young generations, emphasised the importance of cohesion and bond among the youth. 

The event was graced with the notable youth leaders and stakeholders across the state, State party youth leader, Honourable Michael Ogunsina, PDP Chairmannship Candidates from Ibadan North, Honourable Oluwaseun Olufade, Lagelu Local Government, Honourable Kamorudeen Mudashir, Oluyole Local Government, Engr Akeem Olatunji, Special Assistant to Deputy Governor, on Print Media, Hon. Omolere Omoetan, Special Assistant to Governor on Political Matter, Comr. Deji Ola, Director General of Campaign in Oluyole Local Government, Arc Salam Azeez, Director General of Campaign in Ibadan North Local Government, Prince Adebowale Falana, Director General of Campaign in Ibadan North West Local Government, Secretary Campaign Committee in Ibadan South West Local Government, Hon. Abiodun Oladele Asanlaye, NYCN executives and members, FIBSU executives, Youth Strategic Committee members. 

Other notable Youth Stakeholders includes Hon. Oluyinka Tella, Hon. Wale Kareem, Hon. Oladosu, Hon Musty from Ido Local Government, Councillorship candidates from Ward 2 in Ibadan South East Local Government, Alhaji Kure and host councillor in ward 9 of Ibadan North West, Honourable O Leke, Comr. Akinpelu John, Hon. Waliu Oluyedun, representatives of Oyo State Youth Parliament, Online publishers and members of The GSM Advocates as well as host of others.

While giving votes of thanks with a message of gratitude to the Commissioner, Bashorun Saintabey expressed  appreciation to the commissioner for putting the program together as well as ensuring active participation and enthusiasm of the youth stakeholders. Bashorun further encouraged Youth Stakeholders to continue working towards the betterment of the state.

Various stakeholders  who spoke at the event notes that the event provided a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and networking among young leaders and influencers, fostering unity and collective efforts towards a brighter future for the youth in OYO State.

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