Misconception over Aare Musulumi, Ameer Muminna and Grand Chief Imam of Ogbomoso By OMYF

The recent release in Ogbomoso Insight by AKHBARUDEEN INSTITUTE Old Students Association tagged “Stop insulting Aare Musulumi, resolve your paternity issue with Ayilara family” is not only an embarrassment to the institute but misleading to the entire Muslim Ummah. 

It is imbalanced for such Islamic higher institution of repute to mingling the simple designation of Aare Musulumi and Ameer Muminina just to please their paid master. It is generally acknowledged that the muslim populace always honour the philanthropists among them with ceremonial tittle to encourage their outlay to Islam. This results to different titles like Aare, Baba Adini, Basorun, Asiwaju, Asoju and the likes. The interest of muslim leaders is to incorporate these well-to-do muslims’ wealth to Islamic fold.

The first Aare Musulumi of Ogbomoso – late Alhaji Abdul Raheem Owoduni of the blessed memory was conferred with the title because of his immense contributions to islam as you mentioned.

He established Akhbarudeen Institute/College, Akhbaruden Central Mosque and others, may Almighty Allah reward him with aljanat firidaos. The title and the wealth of Baba Owodunni do not arrogate him as administrative leader of Islam in Ogbomoso but rather subjected himself under the leadership of Grand Chief Imam.

It is flabbergasted for the graduates of Akhbarudeen Institute to categorize Aare Musulumi as Ameer Muminina. In Islamic jurisdiction, the Ameer of Muslim Ummah possessed some prerequisites and qualifications that are far different from wealth or affluence. The Ameer must be sound in Islamic education, well versed in Quran and adequately equipped in all aspects of Islamic laws. All these attributes are lacking in the selection of Aare Musulumi, the only attracted feature is the prosperity. 

Equating the position of Aare Musulumi with Ameer revealed the academic non-intelligence of the writer and applause of the paid master over the fact of islam.

In Oyo town for instance, Ameer Muminina is among the ceremonial title holders conferred to individuals, but all are under the Grand Chief Imam of the town. 

The fact remains that the Grand Imam of a town is the leader, king and Ameer of all muslims in the domain. This is the tradition from the prophet era till date. The title of Emir, King, Oba and the likes are the overall leader for all religion denominations in the area. Our dear brothers from Akhbarudeen Institute should correct the mistakes in their write-up for posterity. 

They can simply educate the people on the achievements of the present Aare Musulumi in the town apart from the legacies of his father. Appointing, removing or step aside order for the rightly installed Grand Chief Imam of Ogbomoso, closure order of Central Mosque, leading a faction of muslims at illegal palace tafsir and proposed eid-il-fitr prayer at the defunct eid praying ground should not be the accomplishments or office rights of Aare Musulumi. It is better late than never, the Aare Musulumi and other Islamic title office holders should be in the best position to proffer lasting peace and solutions to any ensuing acrimony among the Islamic clerics.

Ogbomoso Muslims Youth Forum 

Mikail Adeyemi 

Director of Press and Public Communication

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