VIDEO: Man Mistakenly Receives 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max From Apple

A caucasian man on the Tiktok app, has made a video, showing how he received 60 pieces of iPhone 15 pro max after ordering for only four from Apple.

The businessman who is on Tiktok as, @legends_gio, narrated this in a video on his page.

He claims to be a businessman who needed the phone for his job, ordering the iPhone 15 pro max, 1 terabyte for himself and three for his media guys, 256 gigabyte each.

However, on receiving the package, he got a single box where his own phone was packaged while getting three other big boxes with the Apple logo on them.

The man reveals how he mistakenly received 60 iPhone 15 pro max from Apple after ordering for only three pieces.

The box containing 20 pieces of iPhone 15 pro max.

He was curious and opened it only to find 20 pieces of the iPhone 15 pro max, 1 terabyte in each box, totaling to 60 pieces in all.

The caucasian man claims he did not make the order for all 60 as he was not charged for the purchase, and the order was made on his behalf by an employee of Apple.

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