Nigerian Nurse Sacked, Deported From UK For Praying For Patient

A Nigerian nurse employed in the UK has found herself at the center of controversy, leading to her dismissal and subsequent deportation.

The incident unfolded when the nurse, whose identity remains undisclosed, allegedly offered unsolicited prayers for an elderly patient under her care.

The story was brought to light through a social media post by Dr. Olufunmilayo, who shared the unfortunate incident.

“She has been deported from UK” – Nigerian nurse sacked abroad for praying for patient.

According to the narrative, the Nigerian health worker had been working in the UK under an agency, specializing in providing care for elderly individuals.

However, her actions took an unexpected turn when she reportedly prayed for a patient who was facing a terminal condition.

“I just read the sad story of a Nigerian who came to the UK and was employed by an agency to work as a carer for elderly people. She was assigned to care for an elderly patient who was dying, and she was reported for “praying for the client to get better”. Yeah. She got sacked and deported.” 

The consequences for this seemingly compassionate act were severe, as the nurse not only lost her job but was also deported back to Nigeria.

Dr. Olufunmilayo shed light on the situation, emphasizing that in the UK, health workers are bound by ethical standards that discourage the imposition of religious views on patients.

Explaining the rationale behind the dismissal and subsequent deportation, Dr. Olufunmilayo wrote;

“For those expressing shock at the sack and deportation, let me explain further. As a health worker/carer in the UK, it is unethical to involve religion or impose your religious views on patients/clients. It’s seen as an abuse of trust and misuse of your position. You are expected to simply do your job and focus on your job.”

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