Christians react as actress Ayobami Ojo convert to Islam 

In a move that has sparked diverse reactions, popular actress Ayobami Ojo recently announced her conversion to Islam and subsequently changed her name to Aishat.

The news of her spiritual transformation has elicited a range of emotions and opinions from both her fans and the general public.

Recalls that, the talented actress, known for her captivating performances on the screen, took to social media to share her newfound faith with fans and well-wishers.

Ayobami Ojo, shared a photo of herself at the during the just concluded Eid Mubarak to observe prayer with other muslim around the world.

She caption the photo with, “Eid Mubarak. 🤍💫”

In another update she shared a video of herself where she refer to herself as Hajia Aishat.

She caption the video with, “Barika jumat to all my Muslim ☪️ family This eran odun thing pain 😫 me gannnnnnnnn”

The announcement stirred a mix of emotions among her followers, as they grappled with the news of her religious conversion.

See the reactions and video below:

– Islam is very convenient . I can bet that a rich movie producer is behind this. Yoruba nollywood is powered by rich Muslims so if any actress want to continue to be relevant she either change to Muslim or marry one of the producers. Most times, these change of religion is not borne out of any spiritual conviction but purely a business decision

– One soul lost. It is well with you… She might not have a solid foundation in Christ b4. It’s hard u see a well trained Islam sister converting anyhow

– The holy spirit will minister to you

– We are the real Christian we don’t bother when the unbelievers convert.if she is truly a Christian before and she really have good relationship with God converting to other religions we be like committing suicide.

– If you like sinning recklessly and your conscience is becoming an inhibitor, just cross over. Everything goes. There is a spirit that convicts if you are a genuine Christian and that spirit is a sin inhibitor.

– Bible has said it.. for some will be diverted at d last day perils.. who will stand will stand in faith.. it’s prophesied already.. everyone check himself don’t assume, just check on daily basis.. wheither u still standing. Our Lord and King is coming suddenly like a thief of d night🙏❤️.may he found u n me spotless and blameless, fit for his eternal kingdom. Let everyone restitute his ways. Jesus is Lord 🙏

– As she is converting to Islam another great soul is won for Christ. Your heart is your personal relationship with God. Serve your God in whatever its convenient for you and do good to mankind. May God hear her prayers.

– Christenity is not a religion for lazy and undevoted people. If you can not carry ur cross, denied urself and follow Jesus u r not yet a Christian.💯

– She is not yet ready to carry the cross moreover she was never a devoted Christian, she was just bearing the name

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