A Visionary Servant and Catalyst for Progress: Spotlight on Ayorinde Lekan (Actor) for Ogbomoso North LG Chairmanship

As Ogbomoso North local government seeks a dynamic and visionary leader, Ayorinde Christopher Taiwo Olalekan Rufus (ACTOR) emerges as a beacon of hope, dedicated to driving positive change and uplifting the Local Government Area.

Born in Kano but bred in Ogbomosho, Oyo State and attended all his educational institutions including Basic, Secondary and Tertiary education in Ogbomosho and could be unequivocally called an Ogbomosho boy. In fact, he recently bagged a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) where he completed his first degree.

“I was born in Kano, moved back to Ogbomoso as a toddler, attended Maryland N/P School for my basic education, I proceeded to Ogbomoso Grammar School where I was honoured a prefect and I gained admission to study Accounting at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso and I completed my programme leading the student populace of over 30,000 as SUG President.”

“I describe myself as a goal getter, a servant and a peace loving person. I am always looking for how to promote and develop everywhere I found myself.”- Ayorinde told Mouthpiece NGR.

With a profound understanding of the local needs and a vision for transformation, Ayorinde Lekan (Actor) is poised to contest the chairmanship of Ogbomoso North LG, presenting a compelling vision of progress and prosperity.

Having possessed the exceptional qualities, expertises and experiences required, he is poised to lead Ogbomoso North LG to new enviable heights.

“My aspiration comes from that I feel challenged and the act service. Actually, I aspired for Oyo State Assembly in the 2023 general elections and we really did try all efforts, however the party’s decision superceded every interest.”

“Being a local man that really loves his town and community and looking for progress, I feel like lots needs to be done, we need unity, love and progress.”- said Ayorinde.


Ayorinde has spent the significant part of his life in Ogbomosho. He brings forth a wealth of experience and a strong track record of service to the table. With a deep-rooted connection to the community, he understands the challenges and aspirations of the people of Ogbomoso North like no other.

“You noticed that all my education is in Ogbomosho, Oyo State and this is testament to the claim that I spent the most significant part of my life in Ogbomoso.”

Having served in various capacities such as SA Students and Youth to Hon. Olamiju Alao-Akala as Executive Chairman, Ogbomosho North LG, and currently as Supervisory Councillor on Works to Hon. Kabir Ayoade in the same LG, he has garnered invaluable insights and developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of governance, making him the ideal candidate to drive meaningful change at the local level.

“I am prepared and in fact, my experiences thus far have prepared me to the extent that I already have a blueprint of my agenda and I am fixated mostly on Security, Education, Health, Youth and Community Development, and Creating Economic Opportunities.” He told Mouthpiece NGR.


Ayorinde highlighted key shorfalls bedevilling Ogbomosho North Local Governments while also projecting ideas to address them hollistically.

According to him, “Sense of belonging, Security, Education, Drug abuse, Sport, Public projects maintenance are top shorfalls, while also noting that it is critical to foster unity in our party, the PDP, to position us for potential change in those areas mentioned”- he told Mouthpiece NGR.


Ayorinde noted some crucial plans he has in stock if given chance to lead the Local Government Area, among which include;

Empowering Local Businesses and Creating Economic Opportunities:
Ayorinde recognizes the importance of a vibrant local economy. As chairman, he aims to foster an environment that nurtures entrepreneurship, supports local businesses, and attracts investments. By developing strategic partnerships, providing access to resources, and implementing policies that stimulate growth, ACTOR intends to create sustainable economic opportunities that benefit all residents of Ogbomoso North.

“We already have the police working and the State Government also introduced Amotekun. We will encourage them by providing them with reaources needed for effective work deliverables”

“If possible we will position some mobile stand for the amotekun in strategic places in the local government so as to make their presence discourage criminal acts. That way, we can have first class intelligence information around the community.”

Transforming Education and Empowering the Youth:
Education is the cornerstone of progress. Ayorinde is committed to revolutionizing the educational landscape of Ogbomoso North, ensuring that every child has access to quality education. He seeks to equip the youth with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

“We will encourage and educate both students and parents on importance of education. We will reward and award the best students in such a way that will make it competitive amongst them. Every young student will like to be an executive student. We will work on eradicating cultism across our schools. As a former SUG President, I know how to go about it in our community.”

Corporate Social Responsibility: Ayorinde places emphasis on the posibility of leveraging corporate social responsibility in Ogbomoso North Local Government, as he believes, it has the potential to bring about positive change by addressing local challenges, fostering collaboration, supporting economic growth, and enhancing the overall well-being of the community.

“CSR is a collaborative effort between businesses, the local government, and our communities, and if possible we will leverage on working together towards shared goals for the betterment of Ogbomoso North.”

“In addition, sense of belonging by letting every group knows and understand that the local government is for everyone and must feel the impact.

“Drug abuse, we need to educate our youths and try and engage them in more meaningful activities that will better their lives.”

“Maintenance of Public projects and properties in a bid to ensure our existing properties are in good shape such as roads, bridges. Maintenance will help reduce unnecessary public expenditure as we will not have to rebuild another one when we can maintain the ones we have properly.”

Effective deployment of temporary solutions on public projects as a solution provided when financially incapacitated to provide the long term solution. This would sure aid our financial capability as a government institution”- he said.


Ayorinde has championed several community based initiatives and programmes. Through his Care For Me project and other collaborative initiatives, old and young people have been empowered, both financially and human capital development, young and old alike, taking an active role in shaping the future of Ogbomosho North.

“Our old people. I have initiated a scheme whereby we make our people to check their PB and so that they can know they are safe and if their is any cause for alarm we can go from there, that within my support group that I’ve had since 2021 but we are will to do more when we get more strength.”

Ayorinde hoped greatly for level playing field in his party and frown against nepotism and favoritism, noting that it is only on the premise of fairness, the party can acheive her goals.

“Firstly, my message is to the leaders and all members of our great Party, I know that listening’ (the first competence of leadership) is not a skill, it’s a discipline and I displayed that the last time while I aspired for house of assembly, after the party had decided, I peacefully registered my displeasures on the consensus and after that we moved on.”

“Even at that, we worked so hard for the party without holding back anything which is in the know for everyone. I am fully aware that if I am chosen as the flagbearer of the party, I will be representing our governor, our leaders and the party, this alone is one of the so many reasons why I have to think out of the box to ensure proper representation of which I didn’t disappoint your expectations.”

“And to the people of Ogbomoso, be expectant as Omituntun 2.0 is going to blow your mind, I can assure you that. Pray for repositioning’24. Ogbomoso North Local government”- he noted.

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