It’s possible for an Igbo man to be governor in Lagos— Lawmaker 

Jude Idimogu, a two-term lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly, has stated that it is not impossible for a non-indigene, or a person of Igbo descent, to become governor of Lagos one day.

While speaking with journalists in Lagos on Saturday, the All Progressives Congress leader noted that Igbos needed to learn how to play politics right, and relate properly with Yorubas and the ruling party in the State for that to happen.

“It must be an understanding and you must get the support of the owners of the land”, he stated.

According to him, it is undoubted that non indigenes in Lagos have the numbers, but the owners of the land must be respected, and “if they work with the Yorubas and the ruling party, it’s not impossible”.

He stated that the average Igbo man is peaceful and law abiding, while the Yorubas are very accommodating, hence the need to work together to achieve set objectives.

“It’s only natural for investors in the state, many of whom are non indigenes, and Igbos, to have an interest in politics and whoever is elected to initiate and run policies which will affect their businesses and investments. Hence the Igbos are taking interest in whom gets into public offices.

“Going forward, there should be inclusiveness. The APC (All Progressives Congress) should learn to pull others close and carry them along.

“Igbos in lagos have more investments here in lagos than in their home states, hence they are interested in who occupies political offices”.

Speaking on the just concluded general elections, Hon Idimogu noted that despite perceived flaws, it was a good election, and that the will of the people triumphed. “Yea there were issues in a few places, but the percentage, les that 10%, is not enough to discredit the entire process”, he argued.

“The election was good but not good enough. It could have been better. There were reports of violence in some places. But at the end of the day the people’s voice was herd and the majority had their say”.

The election was a lesson for us, especially my party. Times are changing. The youths want to be part of governance. The perception about the old politicians is not accurate.

“The coming of LP is an eye opener for the old political parties, and elected public office holders to sit up or they might be kicked out”, he said.

The lawmaker also condemned calls by the vice presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Datti Baba-Ahmed, who stated that the president-elect should not be sworn in, and tagged such call as irresponsible, and a move geared towards truncating democracy in the country.

“He should be careful with his utterances. At his level and with his education, he should choose his language. He does not own Nigeria. Nigeria won’t end because he lost election. Must you win?

“The democratic process should be followed. They have gone to court. They should follow the process to it’s logical end. That’s the beauty of democracy”

“Atiku has contested elections severally, and does not utter such divisive words. Datti-Ahmed is not even a presidential candidate. He’s a mere spare tyre”, the lawmaker stated.

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