Afonja organizes 2nd Ramadan lecture, feeds 500 Muslims to Iftar

Former Commissioner for Works and Transport, Prof. Raphael Afonja AbdulRahman has treated over 500 Muslims to an Iftar.

MOUTHPIECE NGR reports that following the 2nd Ramadan lecture as organised by Prof. Afonja, over 500 Muslims in attendance were treated to Iftar on Saturday, 15th April which marked 24th day of the month of Ramadan.

Prof. Afonja while addressing the congregation noted the significance of an act of giving thanks and seeking forgiveness from Allah, which he described as his habitual efforts he has mastered over time.

According to him, this is the second in series of Ramadan lecture I would organise this year and feeding for over 500 persons in this edition with a view of maximizing the rewards of the holy month.

He also noted the significance of leader being God-fearing, adding that such leader would be merciful to the people.

Afonja said: “Any leader would be conscious of the fact that the Almighty Allah will ask him about the effect of his leadership on the lives of people generally. So, if a leader is the type that fear God, he would display that and be merciful to the people. He would display God consciousness and insist on the general good of the people.”

Earlier in his remarks, the Guest Lecturer, who is the Grand Chief Imam of Ogbomoso, Imam Taliat Yunus Ayilara, commended Afonja for publicly proclaiming Islam in the face of obvious provocations and for being good ambassador of Islam by organizing series of lectures for Muslims during Ramadan.

“You deserved every accolade for openly declaring Islam despite attaining your social status and attaining summit of your career and in fact, in spite of obvious provocations which trailed the declaration, you maintain being good ambassador of Islam. I say congratulations to you.”

Similarly, the first lecturer, Sheikh Abdul-Mu-min Uthman, also discussed about Islam and politics, urged politicians to set an example for others to follow and to care about the people they govern, regardless of their Status. 

He commended Prof Afonja for his philanthropic gesture and prayed that Allah will reward him abundantly. 

One of the attendees lauded Afonja for his kind gesture and prayed that his heartfelt desires be granted in this month of blessing- Ramadan.

The beneficiaries similarly extended their appreciation to the Ex-Commissioner for Works and Transportation for his philanthropic gesture and thoughtfulness, adding that he remains one of the finest Muslim politician with a large heart in Ogbomoso.

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