VIDEO: Despite Santana working against PDP, we’ll deliver Irepo for Bayo Lawal— Kishi residents

According to reports that have reached our newsroom, Barrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Lawal, the deputy governor of Oyo state, is expected to win all of the local government’s wards with the way people are mobilizing for Makinde’s re-election.

The majority of voters, who are young people, were adamant about electing their son as the state’s second citizen for the benefit of their town. 

One of the female voters in ward 1, unit 1 told reporters on Saturday that Bayo Lawal will win the current governorship election by a significant margin despite the fact that Santana worked against his party in the previous election and even now.

She admitted that, in contrast to the PDP members and agents who are so anxious to guarantee that Governor Makinde is reelected, Santanna had not really demonstrated any devotion to the electioneering process today.

She said: “Despite the fact that Santana worked against our party in the last election and now, Barrister Bayo lawal is coasting home victory in Irepo local government today.

“We’ve seen the body language of voters who are so determined to make sure that our son wins the election so that Kishi can further advance. 

If we lose this opportunity today, we may not have it again in the next 30 years. 

Another male voter who also voiced his opinions on the turnout of voters insisted that it was crucial for them to support Governor Makinde in return for the privilege of choosing their son to be his deputy. 

He questioned Santana’s decision to be working against his party in the last election and even now, adding that he would be embarrassed this time around since Bayo Lawal was already expected to deliver his local government for PDP.

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