They want to kill me— Governor Wike cries out 

Governor Nyesome Wike has accused some people of trying to kill him. 

The governor was recently seen talking with his supporters about the upcoming (gubernatorial) election in his state as well as the next national (presidential) election. 

Governor Nyesom Wike declared, “They want to kill me only because I said I’m not supporting someone who has never won an election.

“Nobody who is attempting to harm me or my nation will ever succeed, he said. I’ll continue to defend the truth, and I won’t ever turn on my fellow citizens in order to assist a criminal.

Governor Nyesom Wike insisted, “As for my presidential candidate, I never claimed I would formally reveal who I am supporting.” Furthermore, I never stated that I would reveal my approach to the wider public because my supporters already know who to back.

“I want you to counsel those people to repent immediately or continue as traitors forever,” Governor Nyesom Wike said in his closing statement.

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