PHOTOS: Asiru Adekunle Foundation doles out school uniforms, socks, foot-wears to Students in Iseyin LG

The Asiru Adekunle Initiative is an association of intellects who are geared towards welfarism and humanity at large, inspired by many institutions among which includes the institution of the united Nations. 

As advocates of the United Nations sustainable development goals, we strongly believe quality education should be provided in all spheres, whether public or private, rural or urban. Consequently, as our first agenda, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to reach out to the students of the Iseyin LGA to provide basic amenities to improve elementary and secondary education in Nigeria. What better way to secure the future than this?

The agenda tagged “Community School Outreach” has long been drafted and was finally executed on the 12th and 13th day of October 2022. We executed our plans of making provisions for complete school attire from the uniform to the socks and to the footwear of 65 students from two schools in the Iseyin LGA, Oyo state – St Paul school 1&2, iseyin, and St. Paul school 3&4 Iseyin. 

The executives of the initiative got to St. Paul school 1 & 2, and St. Paul 3 & 4, and discussed our agenda with the school management and we were welcomed with warm greetings. The provisions we made were carefully inspected and adopted. The students who needed these basic amenities were identified and provided with each respective amenity, ranging from complete uniform set to socks and foot-wears. 

The teachers and headmaster commended our efforts and applauded us, the students were the happiest as we made education more pleasant to them and we gave them the keen advice to be of their best behavior and treat their education as paramount. After the program, the executive cabinet of Asiru Adekunle Initiative departed for their abode with smiles and joy as the students happiness brought big smiles on our faces and definitely motivated us to do more. 

This is a message to our society, imploring us to be Advocates of social development and secure the future of our dear nation.

Big thanks to everyone on the team and especially to our founder, Engr Asiru Adekunle Ibrahim, Thank you for saddling us with this responsibility . we’re indeed very grateful.

God bless Asiru Adekunle Initiative

God bless Nigeria

God bless our Nation

Written by team members! 

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