‘Your life and history worthy of emulation’— Arapaja commends Bayo Lawal 

The Deputy National Chairman South of People’s Democratic Party, Amb. Taofeek Oladejo Arapaja has congratulated Barrister Adebayo Abdul-raheem Lawal on his appointment as deputy governor of Oyo state. 

When Arapaja paid him a visit at his office in Ibadan’s Agodi Secretariat, he referred to Bayo Lawal as his “Egbon” and described him as a jovial man with a natural affection for both the young and the old. 

He said: ”One element of him that I find so intriguing and distinctive is his innate ability to relate to everyone extremely well.”

“In this brief time, he has performed admirably on behalf of his Principal, Engr. Seyi Abiodun Makinde. This is the extent to which, among other things, he addressed the issue of land grabbing in Oyo State and invoked the law of the land. 

“Moreso, by observing his life closely, I found a confirmation that there exists lots of benefits in unalloyed loyalty in whatever endeavor we found ourselves.  A disgruntled person is a disloyal person and both are enemies of God; because if you are loyal, God has His way to compensate your loyalty even if the person or the system you are loyal to does not recognize your gesture.”

“I congratulate you Egbon, and I pray that you will advance from glory to glory. Your life and history is an example worthy of emulation. Allah will uphold and strengthen you.  He will make wisdom your friend and imbue you with long life.”

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