FG tells Nigerians to save lives, donate blood to needy

Adeleke Mamora, the Minister of State for Health, has said voluntary donation of blood is low in the country.

The minister spoke to persons and stakeholders in the country’s capital, Abuja yesterday during an event meant to commemorate the World Blood Donor Day.

The event was organised by the National Blood Service Commission.

While speaking at the event, the minister said only about eight percent of blood donations in Nigeria were voluntarily donated without any monetary return.

He said, “In order to meet the blood needs of its citizens, every country must have a strong base of voluntary unpaid donors as this also ensures the safety of the blood being transfused.

“A blood service that enables patients to gain ready access to safe, quality blood and blood products free from infections such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis and others in sufficient quantity is a key component of an effective health system.

“However, this cannot be achieved without a strong base of regular voluntary unpaid blood donors.”

The representative of the World Health Organization, WHO, in Nigeria, Walter Kazadi Mulombo, said donation of one unit of blood would go a long way in saving lives of up to three persons.

He said, “While the need for donor blood is universal, access for everyone who needs it is not.

“In Nigeria, with the road traffic accidents, insurgencies and other crises, demand regularly outstrips supply, negatively impacting timely access for all patients who need safe and quality-assured blood to save their lives.”

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