Buhari’s nephew threatens to destroy APC after losing return ticket

Mouthpiece NGR reports that the member representing Sandamu/Daura/Maiadua Federal Constituency in Katsina, Fatuhu Muhammad, has threatened to destroy the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state and then join the New Nigeria Peoples Party NNPP as a protest against the “injustice” meted out to him during the just concluded primary elections of his party.

Mr Muhammad, a nephew to President Muhammadu Buhari, was defeated by Aminu Jamo in the party primary election. 

Mr Jamo got 117 while Mr Muhammadu got 30 votes.

In a phone conversation that has now gone viral, Mr Muhammad threatened to reclaim his “stolen” ticket or leave the party.

In the six minutes, twenty-two seconds audio reviewed by PREMIUM TIMES, the lawmaker was heard telling someone he referred to as Ranka ya dade, (meaning: Sir) that he would destroy APC in Katsina State.

He said he was not going to participate in a fresh election if the party decides to do one as he is the rightful winner of the primary election held last week.

“They can’t do any election (primary) because I won this one while they broke the law. They should just give me back my ticket, or we meet in court or else I destroy the party and bring a new one (party),” he said.

“I can even go and bring the party with fruits (NNPP) and they will just see Kwankwaso party in Daura. Yes, I can do it because everyone is fighting for himself. They should come and tell the poor people what they have done for them. I’ll also say what I’ve done for the poor people and we’ll see who the (poor) will go for,” he said.

Mr Muhammad said he would destroy the party not only in the president’s home town, Daura but the state in general.

I swear, I’ll destroy the APC in Katsina state because as it’s now, in Funtua and other places, Nura Khalil (NNPP governorship aspirant) and his people are waiting for me but I asked them to wait for a little. Why then should I allow anyone to frustrate me in my ancestral home? If it’s a monarchy system, who would take over from the president if not me because I’m from the father’s side.

Some of them that are not even related to him (President Buhari) in the real sense can’t come and be claiming they are the real Buhari people here just because we’re shying away from addressing them as who they are,” he said.

While assuring the other speaker at the other end that he (Mr Muhammad) would not be violent in reclaiming his ticket, he said he is nobody’s “political boy” and therefore can’t be coerced into abandoning his ticket.

He, however, didn’t explain how he was robbed of the ticket by those he described as his “enemies” in the phone conversation. 

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