Enough Talk, Let’s Fix Nigeria: A passionate appeal to PDP delegates – Comr. Razak Jeje

There comes a time we must make important decisions about our fate or destinies. The decisions we make become ours. If our decisions are good, we take the glory for the choices we make and enjoy the benefits. If they are otherwise, we take the blame and endure the tragedies.

A fundamental decision like nominating a PDP presidential flagbearer to contest keenly against the ruling party is not just a call to duty but a sacred call to make the right choice, without fear or favour.

This is the time for delegates to field in the people’s choice – Sen. Dr. Bukola Saraki. The man who has distinguished himself as a competent leader with clear-cut visions to serve; the ability to delegate, and most importantly, possesses humility, empathy and influence.

Let’s put our great party, the PDP on the course of winning by supporting and voting a man who’s ready to fix Nigeria as I believe our great strength lies in our fortitude to come together to achieve grand visions and overall success of our party, the PDP, come 2023.

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