Nig @ 61: Stand up to your responsibilities— FOMWAN tells Nigerian women

The Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN says the nation will be a better place to live if women rise up to their God given responsibilities of channeling a Godly and fruitful path for their children , and supporting their husbands by showing them love and making the home front a peaceful abode.

The National Amirah of FOMWAN, Hajia Rafiah Idowu Sanni stated this in a statement issued in Abuja to mark Nigeria’s 61st Independence anniversary.

Hajia Sanni said the society is experiencing moral, spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy because most women have failed in their divine duty as the first school for their children.

” Women are supposed to be the first schools for their children and their laps that should serve as the first classrooms in which their children would first learn the rudimentary knowledge of life are no longer available because of the search for materials of life. “

” We thank Almighty Allah for making us to witness another independence anniversary. It is a blessing to be alive as many people have returned to their Creator. The situation in the Country is suggesting that women are failing in their responsibilities because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was reported to have said that if women are good the society will be good and it will be devoid of evils.

” Unfortunately, women have abandoned their celestial and domestic duties. We now run after worldly things . We now compete with the men folk at the expense of our homes. Mothers are no longer available to train their children. The result is a society that is full of evil and evil doers. Social vices are widespread among the youth, the elderly and even the leaders. Most of these agents of destruction and criminals have mothers. We need to do more to rid our society of evils ” The National Amirah said

Hajia Sanni urged Nigerian women to retrace their steps , pay attention to their homes and speak with one voice by condemning the evil in the society and serving as the best examples for their children, wards and families at large.

She also stressed the need for men to give maximum support to their wives in terms of encouragement, finances and in every means possible to enable them achieve their set goals, adding that women will perform their divine duties excellently well and function effectively in the society if men perform their duties as the overall heads of every household.

” Let’s always pray for the people in government. As women, we should be agents of positive changes. At FOMWAN, our target as faith based Association has always been to advance the course of women and children, train them to be useful citizens, assist them in discharging their duties as divinely instructed and above all make them partners in progress for all round societal development.” She stressed

Hajia Sanni who is the tenth National Amirah of the Association further said despite the various problems facing Nigeria since independence sixty-one years ago, Allah is still keeping the country together as one.

This, according to her shows that the country will achieve greater heights if everyone plays his or her part and work together.

” We should avoid divisive tendencies and practices capable of throwing us into any form of war. Our leaders should see the need for more dialogue on how to move Nigeria forward. As the Giant of Africa , the sky is our starting point if we do things rightly “

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