The Kwara State Commissioner for Education and Human Capital Development, Hajiya Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu, has stated that education is a social investment aimed at shaping the present and the future

She made the statement yesterday in Ilorin, while receiving the National Association of Proprietors of Private schools (NAPPS), led by the President, Dr. Ajibola Temitope, in her office. The Commissioner continued that engaging the private sector and private schools, and leveraging their strengths in the delivery of education, while adhering to government-set standards could help bridge gap, strengthen the quality of education and ultimately lead to better learning outcomes for students.

The association commended the Government for creating spaces for all education stakeholders, including the private sector, to become involved, including in the formulation of education policies, standards, strategic plans and regulatory framework from the outset, and on a continuing basis.

The body then invested the Commissioner with membership of the association.
While appreciating the investiture as a mark of honor, Hajiya Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu enjoined them that government should be supported in its efforts, aimed at puttidng in place strong regulatory mechanisms, and quality assurance systems for education, not just for the benefit of public schools but the private schools as well.

Yakub Kamaldeen Aliagan,
Press Secretary,

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