Who will unify Nigeria? -Yesbit Bello Olamilekan Kabir

This is the reality some people were far from between 2015-2019. The reality is getting to them now. Truth be said, the 8th Senate led by Dr. @bukolasaraki is still the best in the history of Nigeria National Assembly.

The 8th Senate, with Dr. Bukola Saraki as the President, with very eloquent Senator Ben Murray Bruce, dogmatic Sheu Sanni, very vibrant Senator Dino Malaye, energetic Kabir Marafa and many more dependable Senators, won’t allow for the ban of Twitter.

President Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan didn’t disturb Nigerians to this extent, before the Garrison Commander of Burdillion, the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu matched on the street of Lagos with his loyal footsoldiers in the persons of Aare Akande, the revered Pastor Tunde Bakare and many more to protest against the then Government.

Today, where is Pastor Tunde Bakare to protest against the harshness PMB is throwing at Nigerians? Where is the renowned Asiwaju Eko, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu to protest the clamp-down on Twitter ( the most vibrant social media where Nigerian expresses her concerns to the government)? Where is Aare Akande to protest the economic hardship of today? Where is the PMB who joined all the above personality to protest the insecurity that pervaded the country then? Where is the same Lai Mohammed who speak from all sides of his mouth, to knock-down the acclaimed failed Government of Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan?

Who then will save Nigeria and Nigerians from going into extinction? Who will unite us better than we were in 2015 and pre? We thought we were more divided in 2015 and pre, but the division of today, is more alarming and incomparable with what it was in 2015.

Today, leadership tenacity is extantly lost from the alpha to Omega, brooms are no longer with it’s culls, the Egalitarian Society we enjoyed in the 80’s and 90’s, is going down like the Titanic ship. The society an Obafemi Awolowo wanted is not in anyway closer, the Unity professed by Sir. Ahamdu Bello is not in anyway nearer, that which was professed by Nnamdi Azikiwe is more distance-away .

Who then, will be a Unifier?

Yesbit Bello Olamilekan Kabir
National convener of YESBIT, Youth Enlightenment for Society Building Initiative.

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