The Jamb I Know: The Roles of Our Society in sabotaging the good work going on, in Jamb-Bello Olamilekan Kabir

The Parents are focal part of the Society and when the parents are renowned for aiding and abetting malpractices, their children become object of failure, like we are seeing in this recent failure of the exams, ofcourse nobody is exornorating jamb 100%.

I witnessed a first class scenero, of how Parents tried to maneuver proper channeling of writing exams, to assist their sons and daughters to pass in an improper way, in a doctrine of ” who pass Sabi way”.

When these candidates are aware of how their parents could go extra-mile to make them pass, they relent from doing proper reading and adequate studying for examination. A parent came to me in Anambra in 2018, where I was Jamb Supervisor, that I should give her my room number, that she was ready to use her body as collateral, for me to allow her son involved in malpractices. Another Father brought out #100,000.00 to appease my no-nonsense Supervising role to allow for nonsense for his son to involve in examination malpractices. Even if the Satan in me wanted to allow such bribery, the memory of who the Oloyede I knew and that I had worked with, wouldn’t allow me to go near it, let alone, its bad and its consequences for the Tomorrow of my dear Country.

Parent went as far as paying for special centres, unfortunately Jamb is evolving every year, the Prof. I.O. Oloyede-led jamb is devicing ICT and several other means to curb malpractices and avail transparency in jamb, this will make jamb come with intergity like GRE, SAT, TOEFL etc. The NIN was brought into jamb to prevent double registrations for a candidate (the first registration will be for a macenery and the second one is just for the candidate). Jamb paid lots of money to make sure their CCTV is directly monitored from Abuja, many private intelligent officers to monitor the activities of jamb staff and ad-hoc.

In 2019, I was in Abia, after the Saturday Jamb exam, I was in my hotel room on Sunday, when Prof. Oloyede himself called me through his PA, Mr. Ashura, that they had information from the CCTV footage that my centre aided malpractices, by allowing one corp member to be teaching the candidates. I capitally disagreed with Prof and I gave reasons why the information was not true. But in my mind, I knew Oloyede wouldn’t lie against others with soul, so, I had to call the corp member to come and meet me in my room and use the “Oloyede-ism” to put fear to him, that Oloyede said his discharge certificate wouldn’t be released to him at the end of service year because of the above reason. But if he told me the truth, I would look for ways to assist him. He expressly told me that he was teaching the candidates truly, that he used Google on his phone to quickly check the question and relayed the answers to any of the candidate that paid to him #500 before coming-in into the exam Hall, which wasn’t known to us, I asked how much he collected all together, he told me #56,000.00. Oloyede is trying to clean Jamb, members of our society are sabotaging the effort.

But this year (2021), all of these ways to cheat have been prevented, not even I as a supervisor can take in a phone into an examination hall, Parents are also not allowed into exam centres, CCTV is all over the places monitoring the activities of the candidates, the jamb staff and the entire centre Administrators. No corp members are entertained again, not even the security personel have access to the hall.

Ofcourse I’m not exornorating jamb of shortcomings and few irregularities 100%, but Oloyede is working to clean and clear-off jamb of corruption, lack of integrity and transparency and many more. Oloyede is also aware, that it can only get better.

Yesbit Bello Olamilekan Kabir Yesbit

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