Lockdown: Man mistakenly impregnates his ex after bride postponed wedding

The lockdown occasioned by the outbreak of the Pandemic COVID-19 has made a man impregnated his ex-girlfriend after bride had earlier postponed their wedding.

The wedding which was supposed to hold was marred by the social distancing order. 

This however led to the ugly scene of a groom to be impregnating his ex girlfriend during lockdown period.

The police executive, Yomi Shogunle whom narrated the incident said that the wedding was supposed to hold during the lockdown, but the bride’s family who wanted an elaborate wedding insisted that the wedding should be postponed.

According to him, the groom’s ex who came for a visit got stuck at his house as she could not move back to where she stays due to the interstate movement restrictions.

“A wedding slated for Week-2 of #CoronaVirus lockdown. Due to new bylaws, groom’s family suggested a quiet solemnization (10 people) & big party later but bride’s family opted for indefinite postponement. Groom’s request for bride to move in wit him till new date was rejected.”

“The waiting groom & Ex connected, she came on a visit,couldn’t return to her base cos of inter-state lockdown. They stayed together all through the stay-at-home orders.”

“Ex is now pregnant, their parents saying no abortion. Bride in waiting now hospitalized for shoc”

The bride to be is said to be hospitalised at the moment on hearing this tragic news.

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