Coronavirus: Russia Released 800 Tigers On The Streets To Enforce Confinement (video)

In Russia, Vladimir Putin has no fun with the Coronavirus. He would like to push the spread of covid-19 as far as possible in his country, and uses tigers so that the population respects confinement.

It’s pretty tricky as a preventative measure, but Russia doesn’t want to be angry with the Coronavirus pandemic. Vladimir Putin said that thanks to the tigers, global confinement will be respected in Russia, to the most distant plains of Siberia, reports Nordpress. Besides, a video from Vladivostok would attest to this. The population therefore has a choice; gets killed, or respect confinement.

Recall that worldwide, the Coronavirus has already caused more than 200,000 contaminations and more than 11,000 deaths. In Europe, Italy is the most affected country and reported 627 deaths in one day on Friday.
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