Pioneering Energy Sufficiency: Oyo State’s Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Power Under the Leadership of Barr. Ashamu Nurudeen Seun By Apostle Asimiyu

The Oyo State Government, under the visionary leadership of the Honourable Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Barr. Ashamu Temilolu Nurudeen Seun, and the support of the Executive Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, is making groundbreaking strides towards energy sufficiency. A landmark initiative in this ambitious endeavor is the 11 MW Independent Power Project (IPP), which includes a 10 MW gas-fired power generation and a 1 MW PV solar solution. This project is a testament to the state’s commitment to a sustainable and diversified energy mix.

In addition to the IPP, the state has rolled out several other strategies to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. These include the installation of solar-hybrid mini-grids in rural communities, bringing much-needed electricity to underserved areas. The collaboration with Shell Nigeria Gas Limited for the Pressure Reduction & Metering Station (PRMS) is another significant step, ensuring efficient gas supply for power generation and other uses.

Moreover, the enactment of the Oyo State Electricity Regulatory Commission Law is a major milestone. This law, championed by Governor Seyi Makinde, lays the foundation for improved electricity supply, fostering a conducive environment for private sector investment in the energy sector. The government’s proactive policies are designed to attract investors, further boosting the state’s energy capacity and economic growth.

These initiatives underscore the Honourable Commissioner’s and Governor Makinde’s dedication to transforming Oyo State’s energy landscape, ensuring that every citizen and business has access to reliable and sustainable power. The future of energy in Oyo State is bright, thanks to these comprehensive and forward-thinking measures.

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