Day 6 : Youth Empowerment Program Transforms Lives, Participants Express Gratitude to Governor Makinde

Oyo State Youth Empowerment Program, an initiative of the Oyo State Government, has been hailed as a life-changing experience by participants. On the sixth day of the program, participants in Ogbomoso has expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Governor Seyi Makinde for the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Since its inception, the program has been providing adequate training and mentorship to young individuals, empowering them to become self-sufficient and contributors to the state’s development. The participants, who were initially hesitant, have now been transformed into confident and skilled individuals, ready to take on the challenges of the future.

“I was skeptical at first, but this program has exceeded my expectations,” said one participant. “The training has been top-notch, and I feel equipped to start my own business now.” Said Idowu Olawumi Gideon from Oriire Local Government.

Another participant, Isola Abiodun  from Ogbomoso North added, “The Youth Empowerment Program has given me a sense of purpose and direction. I’m grateful to Governor Makinde for investing in our future.”

The program’s impact is evident in the participants’ newfound confidence and enthusiasm. They have been equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in various fields, from entrepreneurship to leadership.

Governor Makinde’s commitment to youth empowerment has been unwavering, and this program is a testament to his dedication. The participants’ appreciation is a clear indication that the program has achieved its objectives, transforming lives and shaping the future of Oyo State.

As the Youth Empowerment Program drew to a successful close in Ogbomoso zone, participants were filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge in their respective communities, making a positive impact and contributing to the state’s development.

Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Honourable Wasilat Adegoke, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the facilitators in Ogbomoso for their invaluable input and dedication to the program. She reminded the participants that Governor Seyi Makinde had intentionally designed the program to be a life-changing experience, aimed at empowering young individuals to reach their full potential.

“The Governor’s vision is to see you all become agents of positive change in your communities, and we are confident that the skills and knowledge you have gained will have a lasting impact,” she said. “We believe in you, and we are proud of your achievements. Go out there and make a difference”

With these encouraging words, the participants departed the program, equipped with the tools and mindset necessary to succeed and make a meaningful contribution to the state’s growth and development. The program’s impact is sure to be felt for years to come, shaping the future of Oyo State and beyond.

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