Nigeria Missing In Top 10 Most Stressful Countries In Africa

A report has revealed the top 10 most stressful countries in Africa in 2024 with Nigeria ranked 33rd on the continent.

In Africa, stress levels are notably high due to a combination of economic challenges, political instability, and social issues.

In a report by CEOWORLD magazine, it shared the most stressed countries globally, with several African nations ranking high on the list.

The report, which compared 211 countries and territories across four categories—work-related stress, money-related stress, family-related stress, and health- and safety-related stress—provides insights into the global mental health landscape, highlighting which countries are performing well and which need improvement.

The most stressful country in Africa, according to the report, is South Sudan, with a stress score of 45.68. Burundi follows closely with a score of 45.8, and the Central African Republic ranks next with a score of 46.07.

In 2023, the main sources of stress globally included money, the economy, and health issues, as highlighted in the CEOWORLD report.

The analysis helps identify areas where mental health support is most needed and which countries are effectively managing stress among their populations.

Here is a list of the top 10 most stressful countries in Africa:

Top 10 most stressful countries in Africa

1. South Sudan – 45.68

2 Burundi – 45.8

3 Central African Republic – 46.07

4 DR Congo – 46.24

5 Niger – 46.7

6 Mozambique – 47.23

7 Eritrea – 47.32

8 Malawi – 47.52

9 Liberia – 47.94

10 Chad – 48.05

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