Governor Makinde Opens Massive Window of Opportunity for Youth in Oyo State – Commissioner for Youth and Sports

The Omituntun Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme has been a resounding success, benefiting hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Oyo State. The programme has empowered participants to turn their business ideas into reality.

Beneficiaries of the programme have noted improved productivity in their wealth of knowledge as it has really impacted them beyond economic benefits. The participants who believed that they have also developed valuable skills in leadership, marketing, and financial management.

One of the participants of the programme , Kazum Ifedola noted that the Omituntun Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme has demonstrated the power of entrepreneurship in transforming her live and now has more driving economic growth for the future business. She commended Governor Makinde’s vision for empowering youth which has created a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to strive for excellence.

Speaking during the third day of the programme for Ibadan participants, the head of the facilitators, Dr Jasper Ezenwaka noted that participants have connected with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts which will later expand their professional networks, they have gained valuable knowledge and skills in areas such as business planning, marketing, finance, and management.

“He further appreciate Governor Makinde for bringing this laudable programme to Oyo State as this is noted to be the first its kind. Dr Jasper opined that Omituntun Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme has instilled confidence in participants, enabling them to take ownership of their businesses and make informed decisions”.

Commissioner for youth and sports, Honourable Wasilat Adegoke also charged the participants that they will receive guidance and support from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts in their chosen line of business.

As the programme continues to flourish, it is clear that the future of Oyo State is bright, and the Omituntun Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme will remain a shining example of effective youth empowerment.

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