OPINION: What makes Seun Tna different By Taofeek Oyenibi

It has been a tradition of politicians in our society to “use  and dump’, they will gather a numbers of youths for election make use of them to achieve a electoral success so after the election they abandoned them so they repeat same thing after 4years.

This was my greatest fear when i was called upon by Hon. Barr Seun TNA in the year 2018, I registered my concern and fear, I made him understand my choice of Leader, while my choice leader is a leader who cares for his followers and who can rub their back in their absence, same way I will always stand by him in his absence as well.

Though I have been in politics before 2018, but by counting it’s 6 years now I have choose my boss Hon Nuruden Ashamu “imole of Oyo state” as my role model and Leader, since then I have never regretted knowing him as he has always stand by me.

He has not only fix me up for political appointments, but he has used his influence to fix my friends and associate for job opportunities for them to makes ends meets while he is trying his possible best to do more once opportunity to do so comes up.

Ashamu is a blessing to youths generation because he believes in “we rise by lifting others”, “Oga” as I fondly called him is a believer in Allah, he believes in destiny that everything happens as predestined by Allah.

You have changed the philosophy that every politician is a good spokesman, not a good worker. I salute you to fulfil all your promises, May your journey continue to be blessed each and every day.

Happy birthday in advance sir, Onitemi Akanbi.

Hon. Taofeek Oyenibi

Supervisor for Education Surulere south Lcda.

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