JUST IN: Philip Shaibu breaks silence over impeachment as Edo deputy gov

Philip Shaibu, Edo State’s deputy governor, has criticized his impeachment.

Shaibu reacted instantly when the state legislature 

voted to impeach him after the hearing on Friday.

Shaibu had declined the hearing, citing the complaint he filed in the Federal High Court as the cause.

The court had requested that the parties refrain from taking any action until the litigation was resolved.

However, the impeachment hearing proceeded with the report produced and debated on Monday by the state assembly, which indicated available evidence weighed significantly in favor of impeaching the deputy governor.

Full statement below:


I thank you all for standing by me under these troubling circumstances. As the Deputy Governor of Edo State, it is with a heavy heart, yet a resolute spirit, that I stand before you to address the recent events that have unfolded within our dear state.

I denounce in the strongest terms the illegal impeachment by the Edo State House of Assembly over trumped-up charges. This is not just an attack on me as an individual, but on the very democratic principles that we hold dear. It is a dangerous descent into dictatorship and a threat to the foundation of our democracy.

Let me be clear – I believe that this impeachment was hatched because of my ambition to contest the Edo 2024 governorship elections under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). It is a sad reality that in our political landscape, ambition is met with resistance, and those in power seek to silence opposition through illegitimate means.

I have dedicated my life to serving the good people of Edo State with integrity and honesty. I have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of our citizens and to uphold the values of democracy and justice. And yet, in return, I am faced with baseless accusations and a blatant disregard for due process and the rule of law.

The allegations brought against me are nothing more than a smokescreen to conceal the true motive behind this impeachment. It is a flagrant abuse of power and a betrayal of the trust that the people of Edo State have placed in their elected officials.

We refuse to stand idly by while our democratic institutions are manipulated and exploited for personal gain. We will fight this injustice with every ounce of strength in my being, for the sake of the people of Edo State and for the future of our democracy.

I call upon all well-meaning citizens of Edo State, and indeed all Nigerians who believe in the principles of democracy and justice, to stand with me in this moment of crisis. We cannot allow tyranny and oppression to take root in our society. We must resist the forces that seek to undermine our freedoms and trample upon our rights.

To the members of the Edo State House of Assembly who have chosen to forsake their oath of office and participate in this charade, I say this – history will judge you harshly for your betrayal of the people who elected you to represent their interests. But know this, you do not have the power to silence the voice of justice and truth.

I call upon the judiciary and all relevant authorities to intervene and uphold the principles of justice and fairness. Let the truth prevail over lies and let the rule of law triumph over lawlessness. I am confident that the legal system will vindicate me and expose the sham that has been orchestrated against me.

I want to reaffirm my commitment to the people of Edo State and to the values that bind us together as a collective. I will not be deterred or intimidated by those who seek to subvert our democracy. I will continue to fight for the rights and freedoms of all Nigerians, and I will stand firm in my resolve to see justice done.

As we stand united in the face of tyranny and oppression. Together, we will overcome this dark chapter in our history and emerge stronger and more resolute in our pursuit of a free and just society.

Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu,
Deputy Governor,
Edo State.

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