‘I’m feeling for my people’ — Rotimi Makinde

Ile Ife people and its environs cannot continue to be in opposition and expect much of federal government attention.

The community needs to begin to think straight, see the society first, rise above partisan politics and avoid unnecessary crisis , hate and mistakes for the next dispensation and misrepresentation at the federal level,state and local government level, a situation whereby outsiders sow seeds of discord among us to make us hate each others and for each lawmaker gets voted and would have no voice to canvass or lobby for something meaningful as a result of his or her lone voice is not the best…We need political power to transform the communities.

The politics of who get what at the State and National Assembly always start from home. Apart from deliberate effort in making sure the best candidate emerges in each of the political parties, we must also ensure the best among us emerges and representatives who will be there for the people at large make it in each of the elections be it at the governorship ,Senate, Reps or State assembly elections.

The community must deliberately jettison the habit of one term services or the act of pulling him down syndrome,if this untoward action continues ,we can never produce a governor, principal officer of any of the legislative houses in this manner let alone making our representative a potential speaker be it at the state or federal level…There’s no two ways about this but to adopt a sincere purpose and principle of progress for the community.

“By God’s grace ,I have been priviledged.It is never by my power but by devine intervention,we must close ranks, forgive and forget the past and the sins done on each other and begin to love our dear community with determination to forge ahead. It usually saddens my heart to recalled that over the years, two or three previous representatives which included myself and even the present serving lawmakers had no privilege to work with the ruling party which limited our influences”.

According to him, Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, Rt Hon Olubunmi Etteh, Rt Hon Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and Rt Hon Tajudeen Abass became speakers only because they were returning officers and all of these were made possible by their very people….No magic about that,the failure of any constituency not to cultivate such ideas is to create an avenue for each money bag opportunist as representative to continue to eat under the table and maybe to make something little only for themselves !.

Makinde who said he laughed when he sees people appreciating or envying those being mentor for governorship and lucky senators and members of the National Assembly that are embarking on massive and series of empowerments for their constituents. I can’t help but feel sorry and pity my dear community and other noble communities that make it up the without genuine peace,unity and sincere love,we may remain a palace jester in Osun State politics

To the serving honourable, he can only work within his limited power !.

Honestly I used to feel sorry for the current serving representative whom i guess must be working like an elephant and returning to the society like an ant… It’s more like a sin or a big crime to serve as an opposition or fresher in the National Assembly.The artificial discrimination and gab is damn too much…

In my own view, it is usually the lack of this awareness that is deprivinh many of our constituencies to remain backward. An adage says” It is the lack of unity of purpose among the reptiles that turned them into easy prey by human being”.

If the most dangerous among the reptiles should lead them in a street walk, I am yet to know of any person who can have the effrontery to constitute a stumbling block to their passage,with unity and peace,Ife federal constituency can go places.

It is for this reason among others that it suffices to submit that the subsisting future political arrangement in Ife federal constituency of Osun State has become inevitable, if we truly wishes to reposition the cradle of Yoruba race…

On this note, I would like to see all leaders of our dear community to close ranks with serious intention to settle all issues and think of Ile Ife and its environment first and this involves all the political parties to begin to think positively.

“Half a word is enough for the wise”.

Makinde hinted.

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