Gabriel Suswan: Tinubu’s Ministers Lack Capacity, They Have No Value

Former Governor of Benue State and Senator who represented Benue North-East Senatorial District in the 9th National Assembly, Gabriel Suswam, has declared that the ministers appointed by President Bola Tinubu have no value.

According to Suswam, the current Nigerian leadership headed by President Bola Tinubu lacks the wherewithal to take the country out of the economic misfortune inflicted by his predecessor Muhammadu Buhari. 

He said the removal of the petrol subsidy, floating of the naira, and increase in electricity tariff, among other policies initiated by the Tinubu government, is evident that the former Lagos State governor is out to make things worse for the Nigerian masses. 

The Senator made the comments as a guest on Channels Television’s Newsnight programme.

His words: “Most of the people put in places as ministers are people who lack capacity to hold those offices. One would have believed that the President, with the kind of people he selected in Lagos, do the same in terms of getting people who understand what they are doing. 

“Unfortunately, maybe it’s a larger environment and so it’s different. When you have lieutenants who themselves have no value to add, then there’s a problem with that. They have no value and so that is why most of these policies are being taken. 

“I’ve looked at the budget, for instance. You have a budget that you know is basically not implementable ab initio, so how are we going to move forward because you have a deficit of close to 9 trillion naira right now? You have financing items for that deficit which themselves will not be realisable. 

“So, you can add that to the deficit because when you say that you will sell government assets to finance the budget. Since 2019 when I was in the Senate, that has been a reoccurring decimal, year in, year out, they sell government assets to finance the deficit. You can’t realise anything that way.”

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