Explainer! Adesuwa Renee Ogiozee: A Victim of Profiling

Adesuwa Renee Ogiozee, popularly known as the auto queen is arguably the biggest Nigerian female auto dealer in the United States of America, USA. She has carved a niche for herself in the global auto market. And with over 2,000 exotic automobiles sold worldwide, Renee motors and Logistics LLC, which was incorporated in 2016 has become the go-to auto brand for celebrities and people of means across the world. But greatness comes with envy. And it’s really no shock that Adesuwa has had a fair share of her own moment of darkness over the last three years. The high-flying entrepreneur has been in the eye of the storm for allegations bordering on wrong doings.

The Background Story

Adesuwa became a news maker when news of her alleged involvement in a romance scam hit the social media space. It was reported that Adesuwa was alleged to have conspired with a customer who was involved in a romance scam with his lover without any evidence of her involvement.

The Truth

Simply, Adesuwa while trying to do what she knows how to do best – helping customer get the best auto money can buy around the world became a victim of a fall out between a client and his estranged lover. According to sources, Adesuwa’s interaction with the customer was strictly about a car purchase. The customer who is alleged to be involved in a relationship gone wrong situation only contacted Adesuwa for a car purchase. Sources revealed that the customer purchased a car in the region of twelve thousand dollars eight years ago. And that was the only time Adesuwa was contacted by this particular customer. There was never a conversation between the customer and Adesuwa regarding his relationship with the estranged lover. Additionally, It is out of her brief to get involved in what’s going on in the private life of her customers. For over a decade, she has successfully closed hundreds of car sales. Apart from having zero knowledge of the customer’s involvement in any activities, Investigations revealed that Adesuwa has never spoken to the woman who is the lover of her customer; or gotten any payment from the woman neither was she aware of any form of relationship between the said woman and her customer.

In what can been described as foul profiling, Adesuwa is just another victim of profiling gone wrong. She was alleged to have conspired with one of her then customer who was involved in a 560,000 usd romance scam which was reported to be a loan her then customer took from his lover. Yet there was no evidence of Adesuwa’s alleged involvement his. then the question is: Why is Adesuwa the main target in the whole charade and not the customer who is the main culprit?

According to sources, even before Adesuwa came into the picture, the customer who reportedly met his lover on eharmony already had their thing going on including exchange of funds 6months before the customer approached Adesuwa to help purchase a car. It remains a mystery how Adesuwa Rene is being punished for simply carrying out a car purchase. For over three years now, her reputation has been dragged in the mud for what is clearly a case of profiling gone wrong. However, Adesuwa is not giving up as a clear conscience fears no accusation.

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