FHA stakeholder consensus and partnership train lands in Benue state  

– M.D/CE rewarded with a traditional title for the new drive in the authority. 

A Yoruba adage says, whoever you will leave behind on a journey and you will have to go wait for at some point in the course of your journey, it will be wise to just travel together. 

This seems to be the fuel behind the nationwide tour of the new management of the Federal Housing Authority [FHA], under the leadership of Hon.Oyetunde Ojo. 

The sense behind this is that , if the mandate of affordable housing as given by President Bola Tinubu must be accomplished, front line stakeholders who are crucial to the deployment in the States must be consciously brought into the loop.

The tour has received unimaginable accolades from the components of the Housing Sector. 

This is the first time any leadership of the authority in her fifty years of existence has taken her constitutional responsibility frontally and directly to the States.

With the critical stakeholders on the same page with the authority, then all gaps are closed, Nigerians can then look forward to a housing sector that will help spring board the revival of the economy, creating thousands of opportunities in employment and stability in the market. 

The Federal Housing Authority’s presence and impact will now be manifestly felt across Nigeria as conceptualised by the founding fathers transcending the perception of another Abuja agency distant from other parts of Nigeria. Already Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Lagos, Niger States have been visited and also the Nigerian Army Headquarters.

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