Don’t Let Me End Like Mohbad, Wasiu Ayinde Is After My Life – Kunle Ayanlowo

Drummer Kunle Ayanlowo, who claims to have worked for K1 De Ultimate for 32 years, speaks out in a new video, accusing his former employer of threatening his life.

In the latest video, drummer Kunle urges Nigerians to come to his assistance, claiming that he has been repeatedly harassed and bullied by those sent to him by his ex-boss K1 De Ultimate.

Recall that a few weeks ago, Kunle Ayanlowo made news after revealing in an interview that K1 De Ultimate often mistreats his employees/band members.

He stated that he worked with k1 De Ultimate for 32 years and did not accomplish anything throughout his time with him.

He also described a disturbing episode in which he said K1 forced him to forego critical medical care as the driver was transporting him to the hospital for treatment.

Responding to all of the claims against him, K1 De Ultimate breaks his silence, revealing that Ayankunle, who worked with him for 32 years, was never serious throughout his time with him.

In a diss track, K1 asserted that Kunle Ayanlowo is always looking for money and happiness, and the consequence is what he sees after 32 years of working with nothing to show off.

He added that he is the sole idea behind his band creation stressing that he hired and also fired people.

He noted that Kunle Ayanlowo has left before and he came back just like others. K1 further noted that if he was a bad person they wouldn’t have come back.

Meanwhile, in a new video, Kunle Ayanlawo begs Nigeria as he averred that K1 De Ultimate boys have attacked him twice and his phone has been destroyed.

The drummer said he can’t sleep with his two eyes closed adding that if anything happens to him, his wife or children, K1 De Ultimate should be held responsible. He concluded that he doesn’t want his case to be like that of the late Mohbad.

In his words; ‘Nigerians please help me. Since last week I don’t have peace of mind anymore. I have been attacked twice and my phone has been destroyed. Different strange numbers have been calling me. Everyone should please save me from Wasiu Ayinde. My life is no longer safe.

Nothing must happen to my wife and children. If I lied against him in the interview, God should judge me. Pls don’t let my case be like Mohbad’s own. I am speaking out now, HELP ME! If I d!e today, Wasiu Ayinde k!lled me.”

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