Agboworin: The Servant Leader And His Giant Strides | By Ayobami Ayodele

There are a few politicians everywhere in the world who have genuine reasons to serve their people. Yes, very few. These are people who practically see politics as a call to service. They may be very successful in other areas but, since they are in politics in the interest of the generality of the citizenry, they give it their best endeavours.

One of such public-spirited politicians is a federal lawmaker, who represents Ibadan North East/South East Federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Rep. Abass Adigun, popularly known as Agboworin. Does he really belong to the political class or a different genre in politics? There is no gainsaying the fact that his constituents are lucky to have him as their federal legislator at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. Beyond his avowed love for the development of his people, he has proven to be a philantropist than a politician, a fact which many have attested to.

This brings to mind why Agboworin’s campaign promise in the past specifically hinged on ensuring the all round development of his constituency through massive human, capital developmment drive and empowerment of the youths and women population.

Agboworin, known for his midas touch and unrelenting effort in pursuing development agenda, the people of his constituency can always sit in relaxed mood, beamed with iron cast confidence that their federal representative would never fail them. They trust him. They believe in him. They know him as a promise-keeper because he has, not even for once, failed them. He won’t promise what he knows he wouldn’t fulfil – what a great man with great ideology!

I have heard many people say he is an adherent of his principal’s ideology, the governor of Oyo State, Engr ‘Seyi Makinde, in the aspect of fulfilling promises and delivering dividends of democracy to the doorsteps of his people. Little wonder some people think GSM has a special interest in Agboworin. You know, everyone likes to be referred to as a mentor to upcoming generation.

Taken against this background, a scenario played out recently that confirms the philanthropism spirit, which personifies who Agboworin is. Just within one week, between March 20 and 23 to be precise, Agboworin stuck his neck out for his constituents again to deliver social benefits and mega empowerment grant to over 600 traders and artisans in his constituency. 24 hours before then, he had flagged off N1bn road construction work on 1.6km Kajola-Irede-Odinjo-Alake, which are strong ticks for a Rep Member that is worth the quality representation he assured his constituents prior to the poll. The road project, which work has already commenced upon, would bring about significant improvement to the community and enhance smooth connectivity within the area. It would be completed in three months. It takes a good man to carry out such capital-intensive projects within a short period of time.

Agboworin made it known in his seperate remarks at the events, that the projects were borne out of his commitment to always complement Governor Seyi Makinde’s efforts on infrastructural development and improving the socioeconomic activities of the state.

He has always reiterated his vows to fulfilling promises made during the electioneering period in different sectors, noting the importance of infrastructure as the backbone of a thriving society. This is the reason he embarked on these multi-million Naira projects for his people in the space of a week.

Last Saturday, at the empowerment event, the atmosphere was electrifying just the same way the ovation was thunderous. We all saw how the the crowd stood in wonder and bewilderment. It looked like a tales by moonlight but real. It needed to be seen to be believed.

Undoubtedly, the immediate grant given to the traders and artisans will put food on the table of hundreds of people, make equal number of people bread winners in their families, thereby improving the social status and economy of the Ibadan North East/South federal constituency.

It was generally confirmed that the empowerment programme was the most far reaching in scope, and never in the history of the Federal constituency had such amount of money been given to such number of beneficiaries. A former Rep member gave such grant in the past but, to everyone’s surprise, collected it back from the traders and even added interest. Callousness at its peak.

But in the case of Agboworin, real empowerment was done as the grant was tagged ‘non-refundable’. Beneficiaries are only expected to use it among themselves to boost their different businesses.

Let me conclude that if service to the people is a major yardstick with which a politician’s role in the society should be accessed, then, Agboworin has practically surpassed expectations. He remains the best politician in his constituency, who has performed gallantly. He is a lawmaker constituents dream to have.

Ayobami Ayodele is a writer and based in Ibadan.

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