84-year-old Legendary Crocodile Dies in Ibadan 

The ancient city of Ibadan has long been a favoured destination for tourists, with Delesolu’s Palace standing out as a popular choice due to its many historical sites. Located in the Oje Community of Ibadan North East, Oyo State, the palace is known for its unique practice of rearing crocodiles as pets. Today, on March 28, 2024, the legendary crocodile at the palace passed away.

Chief Raufu Yusuffu Delesolu (Ayingun Olubadan), head of the family and a respected Chief in Ibadan, shared that the crocodile had been brought to Igbejo Delesolu in 1940 after the first one was acquired by white men. 

Since then, it had resided in the Delesolu compound until its recent demise.

Chief Raufu explained that people from various backgrounds, including Africans and white visitors, enjoyed seeing and feeding the crocodile with different foods. He mentioned that the crocodile had been around for about 84 years, predating his own birth.

Contrary to speculation, Chief Raufu clarified that the crocodile was not worshipped as a deity by their ancestors but was instead treated as a cherished pet. He reminisced about times when the crocodile would venture out during heavy rains, prompting a search by men in the compound to bring it back safely.

While the family mourns the loss of the crocodile, they are making arrangements for its burial within the family compound. 

Despite this loss, there are still other tourist attractions within the compound and Oje community, with plans to potentially acquire another pet to continue preserving their heritage.

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