PHOTOS: Varsity Shuttle Bus Caught Fire at Perm Site

One of the buses used for the Uniuyo campus shuttle services was today burnt down to ashes at the entrance of the University Permanent Site Campus in Uyo Akwa Ibom State. 

This was revealed by an eyewitness who spoke to MOUTHPIECE NGR on Saturday evening. 

He said: “I was on my way into the Campus for the Induction and Inauguration event of Yali Network Nigeria [Akwa Ibom Branch] when I sighted the scene.

According to the driver, who drives the car on hire purc|hase, he was driving into the school when he heard a sound like an exploration inside the front bonnet of the bus and that was all. I’m sure he and the passengers [obviously students of Uniuyo] scrambled for safety. And within minutes the bus turned into what you are seeing here on these pictures. 

The driver a native of Essien Udim LGA got this bus last year on a hire purc|hase arrangement valued at 2. 5OO,OOO from a man from Uruan LGA. According to him, he is just a few months into the Campus Shuttle business and this happened meaning he had not even paid a reasonable amount of his entitlement to the bus owner.

It had been a long time since I saw a grown man cry. I watched helplessly as he cried his pains out. All I could hear from his fading voice was.

“Someone’s money o

Someone house, how will I p.ay

Oh school, how will I p.ay my child’s school”

I’m so scared for this man. I hope he doesn’t do anything funny to himself. He couldn’t bring himself to call and inform the owner that his bus was gone. 

This one pass me o. I don’t even know how can we help or support him.

Anyway, just share, his helper may be on your timeline. I have his phone number in case anyone needs it. 

Person go just wake up, steps out for his daily hustle and boom badluck set in. Indeed, going out and coming in safely is an unrated Blessing and miracle. 

Happy weekend

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