Omituntun Free Bus has been a source of immense joy for PWD community— EA Timothy Olufemi lauds Gov. Makinde 

The People with Disabilities (PWD) in Oyo State would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to Governor Abiodun Oluwaseyi Makinde for his outstanding commitment and unwavering support towards the PWD community

One of the significant challenges faced by the PWD community has long been transportation, which hinders their mobility and access to essential services. It is commendable that Governor Makinde has taken remarkable steps to address this issue. 

From the inception of his first term, the Omitutun Mass Transit Buses have been made available to all residents of Oyo State at an affordable cost. 

In a magnificent display of dedication to the PWD, Governor Makinde has further implemented a system that grants them free access to the Omitutun Mass Transit services. This initiative has been a source of immense joy for the PWD, as it not only provides them with free transportation but also enables them to move freely and independently without any financial burden. It promotes inclusivity and empowerment within our society. 

We are grateful for the practical and thoughtful step of issuing identity cards to the PWD @ Bar Ayodele Adekanmbi, allowing seamless boarding of the vehicles. This gesture ensures that the PWD can avail themselves of the free transportation and facilitates their identification while accessing the services. 

It is a clear reflection of Governor Makinde’s genuine concern for the well-being and improved quality of life for the PWD community. 

The SAVER Palliative, which provides free transportation throughout the Ibadan metropolis and covers every part of the Pace Setter State, has made a significant impact in the lives of the PWD. 

Governor Makinde’s continuous support, understanding, and action on behalf of the PWD community have not gone unnoticed, and we are deeply grateful for his unyielding commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for all residents of Oyo State. 

On behalf of the PWD in Oyo State, we extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Governor Abiodun Oluwaseyi Makinde – FNSE. His noble deeds and unwavering support have made a positive difference in the lives of the PWD community, and we look forward to continued progress and initiatives to further improve their well-being. 


Timothy Olufemi 

Executive Assistant on disability matters

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