JUST IN: Basorun Of Iseyinland, Chief Adelodun, Is Dead

The highest ranking Chief among the kingmakers in Iseyin, Basorun of iseyinland, High Chief Raheem Adelodun, is dead, NewsBreakNaija has learnt.

He died at the University College Hospital (UCH) early Thursday morning after battling an undisclosed illness which close sources claimed started during the last Christmas period.

His remains will be returned to Iseyin after all necessary administrative steps have been taken by the officials of the health institution.

Chief Adelodun witnessed the reign of five different Aseyins before his death but fell out with late Oba Abdganiy Salawudeen Adekunle Oloogunebi Ajinese 1, over some misunderstanding which led to his suspension.

The new Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba Sefiu Olawale Oyebola, Adeyeri 111 succeeded in reconciling Basorun and other high Chiefs affected by the misunderstanding.

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