Drama As Side Chick Drags Main Wife To Court, Gives Reason

A side chick identified as Mavis Munenge has taken legal action against her married boyfriend’s wife, Lynette Machon, for sending her death threats.

H-Metro reported that Mavis Munenge filed for a peace order, alleging that Lynette Machona visited her workplace on December 2. She claimed Lynette issued her with threats and expressed her readiness to face legal consequences for causing her harm.

She said; “On December 2, she came to my workplace and threatened me, saying she was prepared to go to jail after harming me. I told her that her husband, Kelvin, told me that they were divorced.”

The situation escalated on December 9 when Lynette, accompanied by a friend, allegedly insulted and threatened Mavis. She allegedly warned her and stated that she was going to consult a native doctor in Gokwe area of Zimbabwe, if their relationship continues. Lynette reportedly made another appearance on December 13, claiming she had just returned from Gokwe.

Lynette Machona, however, denied issuing death threats but admitted warning Mavis to stay away from her husband. 

She said: “She said I was my husband’s ex-wife, yet I’m his wife. I begged her to leave my husband. I’m just asking her to leave my husband alone and stop harassing me.”

In response to Mavis Munenge’s plea for protection, Magistrate Tamari Chibindi granted the peace order, cautioning Lynette Machona to refrain from approaching Mavis at her workplace.

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