BREAKING: Ido Supervisory Councillors pass vote of no confidence on LG Chairman, Adeojo

Nine out of Eleven Supervisory Councillors in Ido Local Government Council have passed a vote of no confidence on the Chairman, Sheriff Aderemi Adeojo, over gross misconduct, misappropriation of public funds and abuse of office.

At a Press Conference on Tuesday at Iyaganku press Centre in Ibadan, the Supervisory Councillors said their decision was sequel to a series of alleged infractions by the chairman.

The supervisory councillors, who are also known as the members of the local government executive council, noted that they are saddled with the responsibilities of debating, approving or amending the annual budget of the local government subject to the chairman’s veto which can be set aside by the two third majority of the members of the local government council.

Also, vetting and monitoring the implementation of projects and programmes in the annual budget of the local government, Examine and debating the monthly statement of income and expenditure rendered to it by the chairman as contained and released Guidelines on administrative procedures for the local Government councils and local council development Areas in Oyo state dated July 2021.

Some of the members who addressed journalists during the Press Conference complained of sidelining and recounted how the council chairman has been handling LG affairs unilaterally, slandering and sidelining executive members in the running of the council administration.

According to its spokesman, Osho Adebayo, who also double as the coordinator for Supervisory Councillors in Ido Local Government, stated that the Council Chairman has never once portrayed himself in good image, much less been held accountable for the time in office, despite having a governor who has zero tolerance for maladministration, corruption, insorbodinatbon and power-hungry individuals.

He asserted that the last time they had F&GPC meeting was March 2023, stressing that the Finance and General purpose Committee according to the guidelines are to sit not less than once in a month for deliberation, consideration and approval of projects, supplies and contracts.

Adebayo stated: “We only see news from bloggers about this and that; we were not seated or informed about the running of the council. Administration will come and go but those who had occupied the office will be called to account for the period in office. So, we want to leave with equity with clean hands. We are all learned with proven years of experience both in private and public sector, we are all professionals in politics and our future is of utmost importance and paramount to us.

“It is a thing to be born of good parent and it is another thing to follow the good steps of the good parent, it is another thing to be helped to get a job but the ability to do the job lies in the hand of the person himself.

““The history of Ido local government politically had been known for various reasons of deaths and been alive but still on the death row, reasons for those bad history had to do with the power drunk attitude and the disrespect of those in the running affairs of the council coupled with I have been given the sharing spoon and I will give to whom I am well pleased with at the detriment of the generality of the subjects.

“The supervisory councillors became a subject of ridicule in the hands of Career officers, the HLGA , DF and DAS has no respect for our offices they are lords and syndicate of the highest order.

“Between 2021 when this Sheriff was sworn in as the chairman and now, impeachment and suspension had been tabled on the floor of the state assembly as if we are only the local government in Oyo state, the councillors had suspended this same chairman like 3 times but the power that be had been appealing and promising a new lease of life and change of attitude but he is becoming worse.

The Supervisory Councillors who equally accused the LG Chairman of using council funds for onerous affairs, noted that they can’t longer tolerate his excesses as several letters of vote of ‘No Confidence’ on him had been sent to the appropriate quarters.

According to them, Ido has become a laughing stock in the politics of Oyo state where party stakeholders celebrated opposition candidates at the detriment of their own candidates, a state where peace had eluded.

They said: “The time has come to restructure PDP in Ido in totality. Let power return to the people as the party slogan says. Moreover, before today, we had a meeting with the party chairman regarding the council chairman’s attitude. The chairman promised a change in attitude, so out of respect for him, we tore up the first letter containing the resolution to vote him out of office. To our surprise, however, neither the party chairman nor the party leaders responded to our request; instead, the chairman, Mr. Sheriff Adeojo, threatened some among us that he did not want to see them.

“We are saying it here today, that if he thinks and believes he has a Godfather, we shall let him know that God is our own father and just like he had been saying that nobody can do anything to him, that what the councillors done and fail who are we ? We are all creating records and history will not forgive us if we do not take this step we are taking today, even if those who are to consolidate on our struggle stick to Omo Baba while the ido is crumbling, history will judge us all.

“We are also using this opportunity to raise the morale of the councillors who saw, came and conquer but their strength in making the needed changes was suppressed by the soft appeal of respected elders in the state which had led to depression and submission to faith and we leave him to God slogan.

“We know we are nobody to him but we are somebody and we shall let him know that he had called for war and we shall march him man to man. The journey to the peace land is gathering momentum, every act that can rock the boat will be restricted because Ido must be free from the shackles of Sheriff Adeojo and his cohorts. We thank you and God bless you all”.

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