85% Of Women Want To Leave Marriages, I Tried Exiting Marriage Thrice — Actress Jaiye Kuti 

In a recent statement, popular Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti stirred reactions online as she asserts that out of 100% of women, 85% of them want to leave their marriages.

Jaiye Kuti made this known to all and sundry while featuring as a guest on gistzlife stating that she tried exiting her marriage thrice.

Note that Jaiye Kuti who hails from Ilaro in Ogun State got married to her husband Mr Lanre in the year 2000 and by extension are blessed with 2 children.

Backing up her point based on her relationship experience so far as a married, 54-year-old Jaiye Kuti speaks on how different cultural backgrounds of couple affect their marriages at a later stage.

She noted that marrying from different state, different family or culture for example a Yoruba lady marrying from the North, the South-South, south-East among others has a great effect in relationship.

The curvy thespian added that during courtship or early marriage days, most couple don’t really know themselves.

She further added that during this period men can go miles just to show their utmost love to their fiancee just to marry her.

She further added that the real behaviour of couples comes when they started giving birth to children in relationship.

Jaiye Kuti averred that it’s during this time most husbands show the masculinity embedded in them showing that they are the head of the house.

She also stressed that during this period most men engage in infidelity among others which lead to dead end in marriages.

See reactions below;

micheal___x’s profile picture micheal___x: I keep saying this , love is never enough ! If the person you want to marry isn’t kind, then you need to have a rethink.. there are days where love fails , but kindness never fails, a kind person is a selfless person , and a selfless person is a tolerant Person!

chiamakaugoo: Have a career, have your own money and see your man treat you like gold because he knows you can afford to take care of you and the kids all alone.

perrysignature2: Probably 99% men want to japa too but because of children men stay.

ybkaya: 28years on , still loving it and enjoying to the glory of God!! I wish theres gonna be marriage in heaven but Nah… I pray for every troubled marriage, and wish them nothing but peace and joy!! Yeah its hard work but not impossible. Theres are still sweet marriages.

bizsuccesscoach_: If marriage had an expiry date alot of people will not renew it at all.

nnenna_aldo: Watched the married ones who have actually wanted to leave their marriage, come online to scream and insult her😂😂 for sharing their secret

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