Photo Of A Policewoman Assisting Osun First Lady With Earrings Goes Viral 

A video circulating on social media has ignited a debate over the appropriateness of a female police officer assisting Titilayo Adeleke, the wife of Osun State’s First Lady, in putting on her earrings.

The footage has prompted discussions about the perceived boundary between personal tasks and the professional responsibilities of Nigerian security personnel when in public view.

Opinions on social media platform vary, with some Nigerians contending that public servants, including police officers, should prioritize professionalism and concentrate on their official duties instead of engaging in perceived non-official or menial tasks. Others, however, defended the act.

User Didabliz questioned, “Is it the person using them that should be blamed or the force that allows it?”

OAKay_1 expressed concern over the potential erosion of professionalism, stating, “Pocket change and unnecessary expectations are why a police officer is carrying bags, doing menial tasks, etc., for their VIPs. Professionalism would lose you a few Naira, but you’d be respected for sticking to your original assigned tasks. Imagine training worldwide to be househelp.”

In defense of the policewoman’s actions, Sir_ClEMENTI0 suggested, “They might be friends.”

Zaliatishiaku emphasized the personal aspect, stating, “But she’s her aid, and they probably have a personal friendship. The policewoman is a human being, not a robot, so I see no problem helping her to glam up.”.

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