Hon. Lydia Bankole lights up 10 Oriire South LCDA communities, grades 11km roads

…says Makinde’s administration committed to addressing diverse needs of Oriire South LCDA

In furthering the efforts of Governor Seyi Makinde, Hon. Lydia Bankole, the Political head /Administrator of the Oriire South Local Council Development Area (LCDA), has commenced a transformative project that is set to improve the lives of residents across 10 communities.

Focusing on infrastructure enhancement, Hon. Lydia Bankole spearheaded the grading of 11 kilometers of roads, bringing a smoother and more accessible network to the people.

The communities that directly benefited from this road grading initiative include Elega to Jolapamo, Abelepo to Moya Ayetoro, and Oolo to Moya Ayetoro, covering a total distance of 11 kilometers.

Residents in these areas expressed gratitude to Governor Seyi Makinde for the much-needed improvement to their transportation infrastructure, anticipating a positive impact on daily commutes, local businesses, and overall connectivity.

Additionally, the ambitious project extended beyond road grading as solar lights were installed in strategic locations within the LCDA.

Ten communities were selected to receive the solar installations, promising not only improved visibility but also contributing to safety and security during the night.

The communities that now bask in the glow of solar-powered illumination include Adegbite village, Dananu Village, Esinele Oyo, Gbana, Odogbo, Awerankale, Aronpe, Isale Oba, Aba Oba, and Adeogun. The solar installations are expected to foster a sense of security, facilitate nighttime activities, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Hon. Lydia Bankole, during the unveiling ceremony, said that the Governor of Oyo state is committed to fostering community development and improving the living conditions of the people in Oriire South LCDA.

She noted that more projects aimed at uplifting the South LCDA would be done under Makinde’s led administration to address the diverse needs of the communities.

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