26-year-old traditional healer raped by her male client 

A twenty-six-year-old traditional healer was allegedly raped by her male client at the client’s home when she went to perform a ritual in South Africa, MOUTHPIECE NGR has gathered. 

The twenty-six-year-old traditional healer says the ordeal has left her in shock and in fear.

The woman says she was at her client’s home to perform a ritual, when the man raped her. 

She stated that the painful experience affected her and left her doubting her calling.

She says it is going to be a long journey before she can start trusting male clients again.

“Out of nowhere guy pushes me, I fall on the bed and he grabs me by my arms and I am trying to process everything that is happening because I am in shock because I came here to help someone spiritually and this is what happens to me.”

“I am still very scared to practice or to help but I know that it is not something I can stop. It is not something I can resign and say I am packing up my stuff, I am leaving because I have been called for a purpose at the end of the day.”

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