Concerned Youths appeal to Gov. Makinde for inclusion in Safer palliative committee 

The concerned youth organizations of Oyo State have come together to appeal to His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, urging the inclusion of a youth representative as a crucial part of the palliative committee established by the government. We believe that youth involvement is essential in ensuring effective and equitable distribution of palliative measures to the citizens of the state.

In light of the current challenging times brought about by various socio-economic factors, it is of utmost importance that the youth perspective is represented in decision-making processes that directly impact the well-being of our communities. The youth constitute a significant portion of the population, and their unique insights and concerns must be taken into consideration when formulating and implementing palliative measures.

The undersigned leaders of various youth groups, including Asoju Odo Alawode Rahmon Akintunde, Chairman of the Yoruba Council of Youth Worldwide (YCYW) Oyo State Council; Chairman of the Association of Registered Social Youth Clubs Oyo State Chapter, Comrade Nurudeen Farayola; PROTTAN ARTISANS (Youth Wing) Oyo State, Comrade Adebisi Dayo; and President, Oke-Ogun Indigenous Youths, Comrade Ojedokun Jonathan, emphasize that an inclusive approach is essential for a comprehensive and effective response to the challenges facing our state.

We firmly believe that the inclusion of a youth representative in the palliative committee will not only ensure that the concerns of the youth are adequately addressed but also contribute to building a stronger and more resilient Oyo State. The energy, creativity, and determination of the youth can play a significant role in finding innovative solutions to the issues at hand.

We, therefore, call upon Governor Seyi Makinde to consider our appeal favorably and to recognize the value that youth representation can bring to the committee’s endeavors. By working together, we can navigate these challenging times and emerge stronger as a united and progressive society.

For further inquiries or to schedule an interview with the undersigned leaders, please contact:


Asoju Odo Alawode Rahmon Akintunde Chairman, Yoruba Council of Youth Worldwide YCYW Oyo State


Comrade Nurudeen Farayola Chairman, Association of Registered Social Youth Clubs of Oyo State ARSOYOC


Comrade Adebisi Dayo

Coordinator, PROTTAN ARTISANS (Youth Wing) Oyo State


Comrade Ojedokun Jonathan

President, Oke-Ogun Indigenous Youths


Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter.


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