Alhaji Gbadegesin Rasak urges Dr. Saka Balogun to step aside, calls for transparent process in PDP Ogbomoso North

In a recent statement that has stirred up conversations within political circles, Alhaji Gbadegesin Rasak has made a plea for Dr. Saka Balogun to step aside and endorse his young wife or any of his children as candidates for upcoming elections. Alhaji Rasak cited the advanced age of Baba, expressing concerns that one of his wives may be exerting undue influence over him, leading him to serve the interests of certain politicians who prefer to remain behind the scenes.

Highlighting an interesting aspect of Ogbomoso’s political landscape, Alhaji Rasak pointed out that ironically, it is an unwritten tradition for women to engage in politics within their state of origin. Drawing a parallel, he mentioned the case of the wife of former Lagos Governor, General Raji Rasaki, who contested in Ekiti State. Alhaji Rasak suggested that Baba’s wife could follow a similar path and contest for the position of a councillor in Ekiti, or alternatively, one of his elder siblings could join the political arena. This, he argued, would relieve Baba of the stress associated with politics, acknowledging that he had already done his best.

In addition to Alhaji Rasak’s plea for Dr. Balogun to step aside, he emphasized the importance of a transparent process within the Ogbomoso North chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the emergence of candidates in forthcoming elections.

Accoriding to him, members of the PDP in Ogbomoso North are calling for fairness and openness in the selection of candidates for elective positions, highlighting their desire for a democratic and inclusive process.

As Alhaji Gbadegesin Rasak’s statement continues to generate discussions, it remains to be seen how the plea for Baba’s withdrawal and the demand for transparency in candidate selection will be received by the PDP and the broader political landscape in Ogbomoso North.

“The call for a more inclusive and democratic process reflects the aspirations of party members, who seek fair representation and an opportunity for deserving candidates to emerge.”

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